history of Netherlands

history of Netherlands The oldest human life in the area, now known as the Netherlands, did so some 40,000 years ago. At that time, people were gathering

history of Montenegro

Montenegro is an independent nation located in southeastern Europe

history of Monaco

history of Monaco From ancient times, Monaco has always...


History of Egypt

History of Egypt History of Egypt This little page is very far from claiming to be an exhaustive account...

history of Guinea

history of Guinea history of Guinea A Guide to the United States of America, "History of Identity, Diplomatic and...

history of Myanmar

Myanmar has a long and complex history. Many people have lived in the region and history began. The first recognizable civilization is that

Bhagat singh information

Bhagat singh information Bhagat singh information Harish Dhillon, best known for books such as Spiritual Masters: Guru...

Ethiopia history

Ethiopia history Ethiopia is one of many land whose long and rich history gives rise to ethnic, linguistic and...

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history of Italy


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history of Niger

history of Niger history of Niger Less dry than it is today, the Sahara region of northern Niger...

history of France

history of France The ancient history of France The history of France is many thousands of years old,...

Equatorial Guinea History

Equatorial Guinea History and Culture Equatorial Guinea has a long history as a Portuguese colony. It is notable for...

How many countries of the world

how many countries of the world The United Nations, as the most influential international organization, is often regarded as the starting point for accurate counting.

History of Maharana Pratap

history of maharana pratap Birth: Maharana Pratap was born on May 9, 1540, at Kambhalgarh, Fort of...