Central America History

Welcome to central america history Central America
With surreal seas and sharp jungles, magnificent Mayan ruins and smoking volcanoes, Central America is like a tropical fairy – except that’s all true.

Welcome to central america history Outdoor adventures
In addition to seven Central American countries, Mexico has more than 300 volcanoes, two large tropical beaches and a major adventure playground in the Yucatan and Chippas states. Find the remains of deep paddles, or coastal Spanish forts, in the countryside in excavated

canoes. Zip through rain sticks, swim along sea turtles or track the cool cloud-forest vista. Everywhere you go, you’ll be accompanied by a wild cast of characters: a magnificent quilt on a steep mountain path. How about an unarmed bunch of monkeys swinging in an umbrella. And as well as a ferry, an unexpected, breaking wheel is limited to your adventures only at your pleasure.

central america history
central america history

Ruins The Maya civilizations extended from Mexico to Honduras,

which left ruins in four Central American states where visitors can still retreat and connect to an ancient and mysterious past. Review the lost temples of Tikal, see Jaguar standing in the coupon, and climb the pyramid in Caracal. Discover a culture that dates back 4000 years – the largest civilization before Colombia. And it remains intact today.

Welcome to central america history Culture

Central America can take far more than Texas but the rich mix of people and cultures has created a diverse and vibrant society. With more than 20 Maya languages spoken, Guatemala is the homeland of the region. The Spanish found their way with beautiful colonial plazas, exciting beauty contests and quiet hours of siesta. African culture depends on the Caribbean coast, from the rebel traditions of the Congo to seafood to seafood. And last century, the rest of the world – including Asians, Europeans, North Americans wore a dress of modernity that made the city of Panama a modern capital.


With cool out Caribbean vibes on one side and monstrous Pacific flowers on the other Central America stands between the best beaches of the world. From deserted playgrounds to full moon parties, this small area can offer any sun-soaked experience you crave for your beach. What’s more, it’s a wonderful, mysterious world that begins at the water’s edge. Scuba diving with a whale shark in Honduras, snook the world’s second largest coral reef in Belize squeeze in Costa Rica’s world-class surf breaks, or catch a trip to the picturesque islands of Panama. Hello, Heaven.

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