Chad history and culture 2020

Chad history and culture 2020

Chad history and culture A history that has a long history but is short on development, for centuries Chad has faced severe difficulties since the kingdoms of Kanimbourn, Bogwarmi and Oddai were the land of ancient settlements. For over three hundred years, beginning in 1500, the slave trade was active in the area; Arab raiders provided slaves to European traders.

In the nineteenth century, the French penetrated the area Chad history

and confronted the Arab Muslim local leaders until the region became French governance in 1905. It was not easy for the French to take over, and it took almost a decade until the French dominance was completed. General Chat Chat Lounge

It became a colony of French colonial Africa in 1920. Following the dissolution of the FEA in 1950, Chad became a member of the French community, which gained full independence in the 1960s. Five years later, the Civil War began its struggle against the north and the east. Southern-led government. Chad history

French aid to prevent hostilities failed. In 1975, a military coup was an attempt to bring the conflict closer but it filed and civil war broke out again in 1980, despite some temporary government compromises.

Libya was asked to help restore peace, shortly before the civil war began in 1982. Until 1988 the war was not declared. Stability was still out of sight as the 1990s began with another attempt to change the system of power: General Idris

Debbie ousted the ruling government from the idea of ​​establishing a democratic democracy. Debbie won the 1996 election. The country is strictly industrial poor and backward.

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