Dominican Republic history

Dominican Republic history

Dominican Republic history was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by Europeans, mainly due to the fierce resistance of local crabs. Credo, who settled here in the fourteenth century, called the island Vaticoboli, meaning ‘tall is his body.’ Christopher Columbus, who had a less poetic temperament, named the island as Saturday – the one he saw. (‘Dominica’ in Italian) – on November 3, 1493.

Deprived of intense resistance from the Caribbean and the absence of gold, the Spanish became less interested in Dominica. France claimed the island in 1635 and competed with the British during the 18th century.

In 1805, the French burned most of Rousseau to the land, and since then the island has been occupied by the British, who planted sugar gardens on Dominica’s desert slopes.

In 1967, Dominica gained sovereignty over internal affairs as a West Indies Associate State, and on November 3, 1978 (Columbus’s 485th anniversary of “discovery”), Dominica became an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

The early years of independence were a tumultuous one. In June 1979, the island’s first prime minister, Patrick John, was forced to resign after transferring 15% of the island’s US developers, including a land-grant agreement. In August 1979, Hurricane David hit 150mph, destroying the island with destructive force. Forty-two people were killed and 75% of the island’s houses destroyed or seriously damaged. To get a sense of the force of the hurricane, check out the school bus at Rose’s Rosewood Gardens.

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Dominican Republic history In July 1980 Dame Eugenia Charles was elected prime minister, the first woman in the Caribbean to hold the office. Within a year of its inauguration, she survived two failed uprisings and, in October 1983, as chairperson of the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States, supported the US invasion of Grenada.

Dominica’s recent political history has also been tumultuous. Following the sudden death of the popular Prime Minister Roosevelt Douglas (‘Rosie’) in 2000, after only eight months in office, his successor – radical Pierre Charles – also died four years later. In 2004, the then 31-year-old Roosevelt skirt stepped in. A popular choice for young people, Skirt is from a Rastafarian farming family north of the island and is still leading the country today.

The Dominican and Chinese governments formalized the relationship in 2004, and a new Windsor Park sports stadium in Rusau is a gift from the Chinese, which is estimated to cost US $ 17 million. The skirt broke off a long-standing relationship with Taiwan that same year, and said on the record that China would provide $ 122 million in aid to Dominica.

Dominican Republic history In August 2007, the Hurricane Dean defeated Dominica and the islands around it – the damage was not so heavy compared to Hurricane David, but it resulted in at least two deaths.

Dominican Republic history In January 2008, Dominica joined the US, or ALBA, for the Bolivarian Alternatives – a regional trade group comprising Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua, designed to balance US commercial power. Venezuela’s oil refinery projects are in the works at Dominica. After the refinery was announced, the tourism industry protested against the project, saying it would spoil the island’s image.

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