Ethiopia history

Ethiopia history

Ethiopia is one of many land whose long and rich history gives rise to ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity. It is the only African country that has never been colonized. It has more than 80 unique rich ethnic, cultural and linguistic groups.

Ethiopia is known for its Christian tradition and commitment to the ark of the covenant. It features the most spectacular scenery, with unobstructed splendor (namely, Seaman Mountain National Park), unique churches surrounded by cliffs, magnificent Blue Nile Falls, great Rift Valley, Dunkel depressions, imperial castles, an ancient Associated with the monument of civilization. Queen of Sheba

The overall purpose of the Ethiopian treasury is to provide readers with various aspects of Ethiopia. I hope this will be a great help for school and college students and travelers, and readers can either begin to learn and explore Ethiopia using this site, or in their knowledge Can increase.

The Treasures of Ethiopia also provide an educational web directory called Subject Finder ( that allows experts, teachers, lecturers, students, researchers, and the general public to rank in terms of subjects in all fields. Access to the classifieds. It includes educational information, research resources, lessons, learning and teaching materials.

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Ethiopia is rapidly developing as a middle-income country. Many members of Dos Pura are coming back and investing in the growing economy. Ethiopia’s addiction after many years of hardship. Second, it is a testament to the courage and resilience of our people. Despite the challenges facing this great nation, there is a sense of positive and positive hope in the people. It is not only economical but also the pride of traditional culture and modern creativity in cinema, theater, visual arts and music. Ethiopia is just starting to accelerate, which is a great time to visit.

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