Ethiopia history

Ethiopia history

Ethiopia, formerly Abyssinia, is a country in East Africa. It borders Somalia. The Kingdom of Ethiopia was established in the tenth century before Christ (BC). Even the King James Version (Bible) of Ethiopia is documented. The Kusti-speaking people are believed to be native to Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country. Unlike other African countries,

Ethiopia remained independent until 1935, when Italy under Benito Mussolini invaded the country, but only for a short period. There were kings ruling the country. It is the country where Christians first traveled to the African continent. When Islam found its way to neighboring Somaliland, continuous fighting continued as more and more Ethiopians were recruited and Islam was accepted.

Civil war was characteristic of the country’s existence in the 19th century. It was the first time that Italy had attempted to invade the country, however, on March 1, 1896, Adelka was defeated by Menelik’s forces. That same year, Ethiopia’s ruler, Emperor Haile Selassie regained his throne. In 1963, Emperor Haile Selassie, one of the founding members of the Organization of the African Union. In 1991, the country People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (APRDF), a

coalition of rebel organizations, formed the interim government after Miles Zanavani was ousted. A border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea began in 1998 when the Eritrean army occupied the disputed territory. Despite working towards improving the country’s agriculture, famine and widespread poverty are facing problems. Their ongoing confrontation with Eritrea did not help matters in the wake of the 2002 drought.

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