Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan There is a vast desert in the north of Turkey called the Gobi Desert. Which extends from Fergana to the river. In ancient times, semi-barbarian nations were inhabited here. Which would at times overwhelm the surrounding countries. The Mongols (or Mughals) were nomads of the same area. Raising horses and livestock was their main occupation. They were the best kind of horseman and admired archery.
They were so angry that they even ordered their employees to lick the drop of alcohol, and it is also said that Genghis Khan prohibited the use of the word “dirty” in the sun instead of water. Heir of the Turkish descent who was the son of Noah.

The descendants of Japheth settled in China, etc. One of the descendants of Yafat was called a Turk. His descendants were spread throughout China and Turkestan, so all the Turks are called Turk.

Tatar and Tatar:
Before the Saljukis became Muslims and emigrated to Khorasan, two Turks and two tribes were named as two real brothers. His name was Mughal and Tatar, and his father’s name was Anjana Khan. Both of them created the Mughal and Tatar nations. Mughal Khan’s son Qara Khan and Qara Khan’s son Arghun Khan, his son Tiggs Khan, his son Mangali Khan, his son El Khan, his son Qian Khan Timur, Tash’s successor.
After this, a girl was born to Yulduz Khan and then to Junia Bahadur Junia Bahadur. He was born to Buka Khan and Buka Khan to Toman Khan and Qaido Khan to him, and Khan before Tomana and Bernan Bahadur to Kamal Khan, and from him came the brave of Meso and Tamujin (Yachinges Khan).

Genghis Khan was not a member of a noble family. Rather, his tribe was called Yukiat.
It means rabbit. This lowly family was the custodian of Chinese businessmen.
They say that when you were born. There was a blood clot in his fist. He came into the world, but he did not bring anything with him except the mighty survivor. By combining this frozen blood, everyone was of the opinion that the boy would have a major bleed. When Genghis Khan’s father died in 564 AH, he was only thirteen years old.
Except for the rich, all the relatives of the rich karacha rebelled with the sponsors. In this case, Tumujin sought help from Aurang Khan. But when he gave shelter, he cheated and killed a large area and defeated Yang Khan. After these victories, the Tamujin tribe became the focus of the Mughals. Name change:

One person was a bitter name, and the Mughals considered it a great achievement and honor.
He told Tumujan to change his name to Genghis Khan instead of Tumjan. Genghis Khan acknowledged this and named himself Genghis Khan. In Turkish, it means the emperor or it may have been synonymous with the emperor.
Subsequently, all the tribes of Mughals occupied Genghis Khan. Thus, when overthrowing small kingdoms and establishing a mighty empire, he considered it appropriate to make peace with his opponent, Khwarizm Shah.
Because the boundaries of the two kingdoms were mixed with each other.

Action reconciliation with Khwarism Shah:

Genghis Khan sent a letter in the service of the Khwarizm Shah, in the hands of his envoys, stating, “I have conquered such a vast country, and my command is so much a warring tribe that I now wish to conquer other countries.” And you don’t. In the same way, you are a great and powerful king over many countries.
It seems appropriate that we both pledge our love and friendship to each other so that they can be satisfied with each other and engage in peace and harmony. In this letter Genghis Khan also wrote that I would treat you as dear to my son. After reading this letter, Khwarizm Shah apparently wrote a pledge of friendship and friendship for Genghis Khan’s ambassadors.
But he disliked the last word of the letter, the son-in-law, and considered it abhorrent. In the New Testament, the sides recognized the freedom of trade, and traders began to come to each other’s countries.

Genghis Khan, though, was a disbeliever. But we have to appreciate his wisdom that he started in Aashi in order to be safe from the danger of a mighty king. His wisdom also argues that his desire to enter into the pact of peace was the freedom of the merchants to come. Was mentioned. The fault of Khurram Shah:

Look at the misfortune of Khwarizm Shah when Genghis Khan gave a letter to the envoy and handed it over to a convoy of 400 Muslim businessmen. Who had just returned from trade in Mongolia and were now returning. All this convoy of merchants was named by Genghis Khan as his delegation. Because some of these traders were big time and court juice traders.
When the caravan arrived in Uttara, the deputy of malnutrition was there. Captured this convoy. The caravans said everything that we are Muslims. Went to Turkey for trade. He is now coming back and has been coming from the king as ambassador. But the ruler did not listen, and wrote to Khawarism Shah that some spies from Turkestan had come in the clothes of merchants and ambassadors.

I have arrested them. What is your ruling on them? Sultan wrote to kill them. So the ruler descended four hundred and fifty men, and seized all the possessions. One of them escaped somehow. He went to tell Genghis Khan that the convoy was killed.
Genghis Khan then sent a letter to Khwarizm Shah with a very careful order in which he wrote that Hakim Uttar had done great wrongdoing and had committed great crime by killing innocent people.

It is appropriate that he either be entrusted to me or that you give yourself a lesson. After reading this letter, Khurram Shah killed the cardamom. Some historians say that Genghis Khan then sent an envoy and wrote that killing the cardamom is not the duty of the kings and it is the duty of the kings to manage the protection of the merchants. Please reconsider my demands.

The envoy carrying this message was also killed by Khwarizm Shah. Although some princes tried to convince him that the murder of Cardamom was in no way possible. But the head ruler himself disobeyed anyone and returned the rest of his comrades with beards.
Genghis Khan, hearing this, climbed the hill and remained in front of the sun for a long time according to his religion.
Then he cried out, “Just as the sun does not have two suns, so there will not be two suns on the earth. Although Genghis Khan and the war of malice were inevitable. But he was afraid of the unity of the Muslims that if they united, they would not find a place to hide even in the deserts of the Gobi desert. Khalifa offers help to Genghis Khan:

Earlier, the Caliphate and the Caliphate had become unwanted.
Kharifism demanded that his name be read with the Caliph in the mosques in Baghdad. But when the Caliph refused, the Caliph also canceled the Caliph’s sermon from the empire. Genghis Khan was aware of this and was trying not to unite the Muslims, otherwise Muslims from Africa to India mixed his plans with the Caliphate and began to prepare for an attack on Khwarizm.

Even the caliph termed the murder of the envoy as an unforgivable crime and convinced Genghis Khan that no Muslim would support the malfeasance in the event of an attack.
On hearing this situation, Genghis Khan started to set up an army of tribesmen of Turkestan and stopped calling Khwarizm Shah a king, but when it was mentioned he was not a king but a thief.

Because the kings don’t kill the elves. Coincidentally, in the same day, a border chief named Taoq Tughan inspected some rebellious symbol, and Genghis Khan dispatched his son, Joji Khan, for his rebellion. Taq Tagh moved to the area of ​​Mawlanar. Where Sultan Khwarizm Shah also came for some reason. Joji Khan pursued Taoq Tagan and arrested him.
Seeing this, Khwarizm Shah made a move towards Joji Khan. Joji Khan sent a letter to Khwarizm Shah not to attack me. I’m not hired to fight you. I just came to arrest my rebel. My goal has been achieved and I’m going back. But Khwarizm Shah did not care about it and Jogi Khan was attacked. Till the evening the trial continued but no decision was made.

At night, Joji left the fire burning in his hostel and headed to Turkey and reported all the circumstances to Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan, hearing of these conditions, brought a great army of Mughals to Iran and countries to Islamia.
It is here that we should consider with a calm heart that some of the unwise acts of a Muslim king have taken place. Otherwise, under the circumstances and compulsions of an unbelieving king, countries invade Islamia. As far as justice will be taken. Genghis Khan is yet to be blamed.

Genghis Khan attacks Islamic countries:

In 415H, Genghis Khan withdrew the army to Islamiyah, and on reaching Uttar, Joji Khan, Ogodei Khan and Chagtai Khan, all three sons, were stationed at the siege of Uttar, and Lakh Nawin and Mongobu Khan towards Khudzhand and Nabakt. Leaving the army, he accompanied his younger son, Tuli Khan, to Bukhara.
On hearing of the invasion of the Mughals, Khurramism Shah dispatched sixty thousand troops to the help of Hakim Uttar and sent thirty thousand riders to Bukhara. Two hundred and ten thousand army personnel guarded Samarkand, and with sixty thousand men set up for the construction of the tower and fort, they themselves marched from Samarkand to Khorasan.
Attack on Morelnhar:
In 616 AH, Genghis Khan’s troops marched north.

Where the people had robbed the caravan of the Tatars. Khwarizm Shah sent an army of seven million to fight them. There was a bloody battle in the area between Osh and Sanger. Hakim Uttar was aware of the end, so he fought the Tatars with a great deal of liver. But he did not receive any further support from the Khwarizm Shah who eventually took refuge in the fort along with the army.
The siege was under siege. Which lasted six months. Eventually he was conquered by the Tatars. Hakim Uttar was arrested. Genghis Khan seeks revenge for a jaded Tatar convoy. Ordered that the silver should be melted and put into his ears and eyes and then killed.
Khorazm Shah’s demeanor:

The great mistake of Khwarizm Shah was that he did not fight Genghis Khan himself, but withdrew from the battlefield.
Seeing his king Azam Khorasan would surely have lost the hearts of the army. On the way, when Samarkand started walking, he reached the trench and said that we had been attacked by such a large nation that if he just put his freshness in, then the trench in Samarkand would be full. On hearing this, the Mughals became even more alarmed at Samarkand’s guard Lashkar. Khwarizm Shah left Balkh for Samarkand and sent his family and treasurers to Maghrib. Jalaluddin Muhammad’s advice:

Khwarizm Shah came to Balkh and advised the chiefs and chiefs what measures should be taken against the Mughals. Khwarizm Shah had seven sons. One of them was Jalaluddin. He looked at his father in awe and said, “If you want to go to Iraq, go for a hobby.” Give me the command of the army. I take the army and attack the enemy, and I will go across the Jiha’i’ah and set up my tent. Give me the protection of the Mauritania and take over Iraq and Iran. When Khwarizm Shah did not like him, Jalaluddin said, “I wish you had done something good in the world.” With your hit religion, the country was enslaved to a savage and despicable enemy and saved his life and handed over the entire country to the wolves.
The nation is suffering from your mistakes. Muslims are seeing the shame of their daughters and daughters because of you.
Bukhara attack:

Genghis Khan along with his youngest son Tuli Khan attacked Bukhara. For a few days, twenty thousand men from Bukhara saved the city. But in the end, how far did these grasshoppers compare to the Mughals? In the end, Bukhara was conquered and Genghis rode to the Jama Masjid to celebrate victory.
He then separated the working men and took away wealth from the rest of the rich and burnt the houses and the houses with fire and a sword.
When Khurram Shah heard this, Bukhara had been conquered and became even more troubled and went to Nishapur. The Mughals had not yet dared to cross the Jihais, but they remained busy in the Mawralnah and the Khwarazim Shah was a busy place in Nishapur.
Victory of Summer Sugar:

After the conquest of Bukhara, Genghis Khan proceeded to Zarafshahan, the fertile valley of Iran. Forty thousand troops were to be guarded. The people here simply surrendered without the idea that they might be treated well. But the cowardly reward found that the Zarafshah valley became red with blood, and not a single person survived there.
Passing through this fertile valley, Genghis turned to Samarkand. But Samarqand, without a fight, left himself at the mercy of the Tatars. They were treated the same way by the Tatars. What they were practicing kept coming. That is, the massacre and the city were burnt down.
Chasing Khwarizm Shah:
Khwarizm Shah had all the hopes of his empire tied to Samarkand.

But when he heard the news of his destruction, he was shocked. When someone explained it, he would say that if someone is more familiar with the situation than I am, then that is foolish. Even so, the same quotient who used to say earlier that we will punish the robbers in such a way that even if they start flying, they will not be able to come home. Now everyone was thinking of hiding life in a world of misery. Khurramism ran more than Daryush to hide Shah Jan.
Or fled on the arrival of Muslims like Yazdard. In the month Zero 617 AH, Genghis Khan conquered Samarkand and sent two army troops in pursuit of Khorazism. Wherever these people go, no one moves forward to confront them. Khwarizm Shah was in Qazvin when he was informed of the conquest of the Tatars, which was a hundred miles away, then fled and the army was dispersed.

The Khurrism Shah fled before the Mughals to Qarun Doj where his family and treasure were present. But before it arrived, the Mughals besieged it. Running from there to Amalabad, I reached Amal from Istanbul. Khwarizm Shah’s death:
Amal went to an island and sought refuge and when it came to the news that the Mughals had conquered Qarun Qarwas and captured the treasures and properties and their families.
On hearing this news, he was severely traumatized and died in the same sadness. The clothes he was wearing. They were buried in. Even the shroud was not available.

During this period, the Mughals occupied and assassinated Bukhara – Samarkand, Balkh, Herat, Nishapur – experts. As well as the imprisonment of the royal prisoners presented to Genghis Khan, he ordered the killing of all. The Hamdan of the people who were spared the Mughals’ blasphemy. Seeing the cause of the Mughals weakened, they raised a rebellion and killed it. After that, the Mughals killed the Hamdan in a very cruel and brutal way. Then no one dared to compete and compete.

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