History of Finland

History of Finland

History of Finland is a country located in northern Europe with a combined population of 5.5 million Finnish. The capital and largest city is Helsinki, while the country borders Sweden to the west, Norway to the north and Russia to the east. According to some measures, with the best education system in Europe, Finland has recently been regarded as one of the peaceful, competitive and competent countries in the world. That’s pretty cool, eh?

Finland is ruled by President Timo Selan who scored 76 goals in his rookie season with the Winnipeg Jets in 1993. The biggest exports from Finland are NHL players, charming blonde girls and snow. During winter the average temperature in Finland is absolute zero (73273.15 els Celsius) and the only Finnish word to be included in the English language is “gold”.

Many North Americans add “gold” to their annual list of favorite words. In Finland, when a person sees a shooting star, they often express their desire. According to statistics, he wishes% of the time. Percent honest. The last crime in Finland was committed in 1982, and Russian prince Vodka was made proud of Finland.

Some fun facts about Finland: – It has the lowest birth rate in 193 countries, including the UK, France and New Zealand (in fact!). – Finnish people can really throw jewels in the distance. – Finland hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki (they were about to host in 1940 but two things called a war). To date – Finland has 1.52 million broadband internet connections.

In July 2010, President Ceylon vowed to ensure that everyone in Finland would be able to access the Internet at a speed of at least one megabit per second. – If each of the 5.5 million artists wanting to cool down at the same time in gold, then apparently the country has enough to stop each one of them!

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