History of Gabon

History of Gabon

The Babangas or Pygmies are believed to be the oldest humans in the land of Gabon and their existence can be traced back to B.C. The Bantu groups later found settlements from the southern and eastern parts of Africa. The Gabon consists of tribal groups and the largest tribe is the Fang people. Their population is 25%.

Gabon was first discovered in the 15th century by the Portuguese ship Diego Kim. Gabon’s genealogies were compiled in 1942 when the Portuguese explorers who encountered the mouth of the River Como named the river Gabon “Rio de Gabao”. In 1953, the Dutch arrived in Gabon, followed by the French in 1630.

In 1839, the French successfully established their presence in the country. They settled on the left bank of the east of Gibeon. Gradually, the French conquered the mountainous areas and in the second half of the 19th century. In 1888, Gabon was officially identified as a French territory, also known as an autonomous republic under the French Union after World War II. In 1910, the country was one of four regions of French Equatorial Africa, a famous federation that remained until 1959. General Chat Chat Lounge

the country was the first president elected in 1961, Luann Mba, and Omar Bono Ondimba was vice president. In 1967, Moba passed away and was replaced by Bono, who continued to be president of the state until his death in 2009. Bongo served for seven consecutive years.

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