history of Iraq

history of Iraq

History of Iraq Known as the Cave of Civilization Iraq has a rich and complex history. The well-known inhabitant belongs to the Chalcolithic Stone Age. Iraq was conquered and inhabited by several empires, including the Sumerians. the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Seleucids, and the parties. The Ottoman Empire came to power in the 16th century and ruled it after the First World War, when the British Empire reigned for twelve years. Eventually, after centuries of occupation, Iraq established itself as its own kingdom in 1932. At present, Iraq is a federal parliamentary republic, governed by central governments.

Abbas ibn Farnas
Abbas Ibn Farnas lived during 810-887 AD. She is famous for her first attempt at flying. He was also a hobby engineer, poet, composer and inventor.

It laid the foundation for modern cameras. He found a way to present a picture of a small service in a dark room, later called a camera ambiguity. Cinema, cameras are all the same principal.

Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi
Abu-Aleksim is known as the father of al-Zarzawi surgery.

Mary Alasturi.
Maryam Alstori is known as the female inventor of the Arabian compass and calculator.

History of Iraqi occupation
4500 BC The Samaritan Empire (Iron Age)

The Assyrian Empire 2500 BC-2300 BC

Acadian Empire 2334–2154 BCE

The Babylonian Empire 1894 BC

The New Assyrian Empire 934-609 BC

Medo-Persian Empire 550–330 BCE

The Seleucid’s Empire 312 BC 63 BC

Parton Empire 247 BC – 224 AD

The Sassanid Empire dates from 224 CE to 651 CE

Caliphate Abbas Abbasi The 7th Caliphate, is known as the Islamic Golden Age in the 7th Century

Ottoman Empire 16th Century

The Mamluk family

Essential Iraq. British Empire 1920-1932

The United States was established in 1932 The Republic of Iraq was founded in 1958.

Saddam Hussein’s Law 1979-2003

Iran Iraq war
The Battle of the Persian Gulf
American Attack, 2003

US Exit, December 2011

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