history of Jordan

history of Jordan

The rich and ancient history of Jordan has a rich and old history, and many civilizations date back to ancient times. The earliest Neolithic period in the record was when evidence of life and development inhabited by discovered artistic work indicates a well-developed civilization. Then the Ammonites called Amman Rabat-Amon. The Assyrians conquered it, and the Persians, and then the Macedonians, renamed it Philadelphia, which became part of the Nabataean Empire until 106 CE, when Roman rule came and the Decapoles joined. went. Churches came after the Byzantine era and churches of that period still exist.

The name Oman came in the Ghassanian period. It was flourishing under the caliphate of the Umayyads (in Damascus) and the Abbasids (in Baghdad).

Several earthquakes and natural disasters destroyed the city until the Sarkis arrived in the Caucasus region of West Asia in 1878 due to the Southwest Russian expansion. They began rebuilding the city and this is when the “modern” history of Jordan began.

During the Ottoman Sultanate the Hijaz Railway helped because it connected Damascus and Medina. Which made Oman an important station and put it back on the trade map.

Modern Jordan was founded by King Abdullah I after the First World War. He was ruled by his grandson, the late Shah Hussein, for 46 years until his death in 1999, when his son Shah Abdullah II took over. Jordan has grown into a modern nation that has enjoyed a remarkable measure of peace, stability and economic growth in recent decades.

Jordan’s country is at the crossroads of humanity. Its historical sites tell the story of a unique cultural past that links African, Asian and European traditions. Located in the cave of the Old World civilization, Jordan and its many notable cities and monuments exemplify the roots of the modern world. This video is taking viewers on a tour of the most inspiring ancient sites in Jordan, including ancient Philadelphia (modern Oman), Jericho, Pella, Petra, Amy Quis and Kirk.

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