History of Karachi|And Sindh Pakistan

History of Karachi|And Sindh Pakistan

History of Karachi|And Sindh Pakistan The Indus
has made civilization, in the Indian subcontinent, especially where it crosses the Indus. About 6000 years ago, the world’s first urban cultures spread to this region, and they. reached, their greatness in the great city of Moenjodaro.A few thousand years later, Sindh was annexed, by the Persian Empire,

followed by the invasion of Alexander the Great in the region in 326 BC. When the Greeks evacuated, Buddhists stepped. into the Mauryan family and ruled the whole. of Sindh until the second century BC.


From here the history of Sindh. is scarcely, recorded until the Hindu Brahmins briefly assumed power in the seventh century CE, although their reign was ruled by Abbas1111, with the arrival of Abbasid Arabs from Baghdad under the leadership of Muhammad bin Qasim. He continued to march under the new green banner of Islam. General Chat Chat Lounge Sindh remained under the control of the Khilafat Abbas until 7474. and remained, under the rule of the Arabs until the indigenous Muslim family of Somra occupied power during 1058.

The empire came and lasted, for several hundred. years until 1520, when Sindh was brought to Mughal by Akbar, who was himself born in Umarkot in Sindh. From their provincial capital, Thatta, the Mughal rule remained in Sindh until the early 18th century. The Upper Sindh had a different image, however, with the rural axes taking. power, consolidating their rule until the middle of the 18th century, when, the removal of the Mughal throne from Delhi to Persia allowed them to occupy the rest of Sindh.

Sindh became a relatively backwater, a state. that changed ,only when the British occupied it as a military restoration after being beaten in the First Anglo-Afghan War in 1840. The contemporary critic wrote, and in return goes home to beat his wife. The small port of Karachi reached within itself, spreading rapidly and eventually became Pakistan’s capital in 1947 on Independence Day.

The large landowner families of Sindh (including the late Benazir. Bhutto) and the. refugees (Urdu-speaking immigrants from newly formed India) continue to play a strong role in Pakistani politics in power and opposition, although these days most of the province Lives in captions. Natural disasters, such as its growing vulnerability to catastrophic floods of 2007.

History Of karachi

Karachi was originally a small fishing, village inhabited by the tribes of Balochistan and Makran. His first settlement was near the delta of the Indus River, which he designated as the ‘Koalachi’ village. The people of the original port still live in this area, on the small island of Abdullah Goth near the Karachi Sindh Pakistan port. Karachi’s well-known neighborhood, ‘My Kalachi’, still remembers the city’s real name.

In the late 1700s, the settlers of the village of Kolashi began. trading, across the sea along the Muscat and the Persian Gulf region. Later, the village began to grow as a trading center and a port for trade. A small fort was built to protect. this developing area. The fort was handed over by the Khan Qalat to the. rulers of Sindh in 1795.

Karachi city image
Karachi city image

The British recognized the importance of this city as a trade post. They therefore occupied the city and province of Sindh in February 184.3 under the command. of Sir Charles Napier, and the town was annexed as a district of the British Indian Empire. In 1846, it had about 9,000 inhabitants. In the same year, the city suffered from cholera. epidemic and a conservation board was formed in the city. to protect the people from the disease. Sindh Pakistan This Conservative Board was renamed to the Municipal. Commission in 1852. and was again upgraded to the Municipal Committee in 1853. This natural harbor began to flourish as a bustling port under British rule. On September 10, 1857, the 21st Navy Infantry. stationed in Karachi revolted against the British in the first Indian. War of Independence, but the plan was executed by the British, who soon recaptured the city.

In 1864, the first telegraphic, message was sent via a direct telegraph link between Karachi and London. In 1878, the city was annexed, to the rest of India. by railway line, and as a result, public works such as Freire Hall (1865) and Empress. Market (1890) began in the city. Founder Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in 1876 in a famous family of Ismaili Khawaja.

Old karachi city image

The Bombay District Municipal Act 1837, was extended to Sindh. in 1878. and the urban area of Karachi was added to the city. Municipality started collecting house tax on property owners, being the first municipality to tax the property continent. By the end of the 19th century, the city was home to about 105,000 people and it was a cosmopolitan. city of Hindus and Muslims, as well as Jews, Parsis, Iranians, Lebanese, and Guyanese traders. In 1900, India’s first tramway system was built in this bustling, city due to road congestion. At that time, Karachi was famous for its railway. tram network, churches, mosques. courts, bazaars, paved roads and a magnificent port.

Karachi Park
Karachi Park

The Karachi City Sindh Pakistan Municipal. Act was promulgated. in 1933. and the municipality of Karachi was given the status of municipal corporation. At the same time, the position of President and Vice President was replaced. by Mayor and Dy. The mayor consisted of 57 councilors based in Karachi, who were from different communities of Muslims, Hindus and Parsis. In 1933, Mr. Jamshed Nisarwan Ji was elected, as the first mayor. of the city, having been elected president for almost 20 years. The city was declared. as the newly, formed capital of the province of Sindh in 1936.

When Pakistan, was declared a separate, country in 1947. Karachi was selected, as the capital of Pakistan. During this time, the city sheltered a large number of refugees and refugees coming from the Indian province. In 1960, the capital of Pakistan first moved to Rawalpindi and then to Islamabad. Yet Karachi never lost its importance as the economic hub of Pakistan. The Municipal.

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