history of Latvia

history of Latvia

9,000 BC The first people arrived in the region now known as Latvia. These people belonged to the Semi-Gilani, Korenian, Litiglian, and Sultan tribes, and the Levine tribe, who belonged to the Pheno-Ugaric ethnic family.
Ninth Tenth Century A.D .: Viking raids in the Latvian area.

The Baltic and neighboring European tribes date from the 9th to the 11th centuries.

For the first time in the seventh decade of the 12th century, German businessmen traveled east of Dagwa.

Baltic tribes in the 12th century.

Ancient Latin tribes: Litiglian, Salonian, Course, Semi-Gallen were not only farmers, but also raiders.
German Crusaders invaded in the 12th and 13th centuries. Courses and semi-galleries were the last image. The Germans took power by the end of the 13th century.
After the 1236 war, the Livonia Order was formed as a branch of the German Teutonic Order.
During the 14th to 15th centuries, in addition to Lithuania and the Russians, the leaders of Lithuania fought among themselves.

In 1503 a peace treaty was signed between Lithuania and Russia, which lasted for decades. Farmers were prohibited from possessing firearms.
Reforms arrived in Livonia in 1620 and Lutheranism was introduced.
1558-1583 Legion war. Russia (Ivan Dread), Poland-Lithuania and Sweden fought for influence in Lithuania.

1584–1589 Calendar unrest in Riga
1585 The first famous book to be published in Latin, p. Kaniza Catholic Catechism.
1600-1629 Polish-Swedish war.
1642–1682۔ The Dover of Corland, Jacob Kettler rule over Corland and Sammy Galia.
For the first time in 1685, the Bible was translated into Latin by Ernst Glks.
1700-1721 Great Northern War.
1721 A peace treaty between Sweden and Russia. Vodzium has officially been added to Russia.

1772 Treaty on Poland’s division between Russia, Austria and Prussia. Latgal has been added to Russia.
In 1812 Napoleon’s forces invaded Latvia.
In 1822, the first newspaper ‘Latvieu Euse’ was produced in Latin.
In 1868 the Riga Latvian Society was established to promote Latvian education and culture.
The first Latvian Song Festival was held in 1873.
November 18, 1918, the Republic of Latvia declares independence.
November 18, 1935, the Independence Memorial is unveiled in Riga.

On August 23, 1939, the Soviet Union and Germany signed the Molotov-Rabinotrope Agreement, which included secret protocols that designated Latvia under the Soviet influence.
The USSR occupied Latvia during the summer of 1940.
Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. German troops occupy Latvia.
Rivalry in Latvia between nationalist German and Soviet USSR troops in 1944-1945

Latvian migrant destination, 1944-1959.

From 1945-1955, nationalist parties have been campaigning for independence in Latvia.
August 21, 1991, Latvia announces restoration of independence.
June 17, 1999. For the first time in the history of Latvia, a woman was elected President of the Republic of Latvia (Vieira-Free-Friga).
March 29, 2004. Latvia becomes a member of NATO.

May 1, 2004. Latvia becomes a member of the European Union.
The abstract is based on important dates in the book: Latvianjes Westor. Encyclopجاdia sur Swargkاجgium Noticum Litv ā No Vinson ā Castium Lockie ie Leeds mūsdienām. Zwigsen ABC, Dinosaur Sepulchres.

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