History of Lesotho

History of Lesotho (South Africa)

History of Lesotho Original resident: San (Bushman)
Examples of their rock art can be found in the mountains of the region
The emigration of the Bantu people
16th Century: Basotho
19th century: Mfecane (Zulu Klan)
1823-1870: Moshio I, the king of Basotho
Wars against the Boers (lost area »)
1853: Treaty with the British

1858: Cenical war against the Boers
1869: British Protector
1871: Protector attached to Cape Colony
1880 – 1881: War against the British
L 1884: British control (Basotland)
gained independence from Britain in 1966
Constitutional monarchy with a two-seat parliament consisting of one cent and elected National Assembly.

Lesotho (pronounced Li Xu-Tu), officially called the state-perfect the country, is a landlocked country.
The Republic of South Africa is surrounded by By that time Lesotho was called Basotland
Arrived from Britain in 1966. The name Lesotho is almost translated ly
“The Land of the Soothspring.” One of the Lesotho residents is called Mossotho and the people
Basuto says. the country has two official languages: Sesotho and English. Is the capital of the country

Also its largest city: Maseru.
The modern the country emerged in the 1800s under the king Moshishu I of Mokoteli. That is considered
Become the father of Lesotho history. It assembled various tribes scattered throughout South Africa
And he managed to unite different groups during the chaotic era of Zulu. King Moshishu I woke up

As a diplomatic and capable leader. He was known to grace his fallen enemies.
King Moshishu I laid the foundation of modern-day the country and defended this land against the Lord.
British and Boers
In 1868, a British declaration declared Basutland a British territory. Three years later, the nation

Basutland was annexed to the Cape Colony. The Cape Colony order was not popular
the people. As a result, Bossland was placed under British rule in 1884
Independence of the Constitutional Kingdom on October 4, 1966. Officially the country
Known as the Kingdom of Lesotho.

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