History of Namibia

History of Namibia

History of Namibia The history of this land can be found in the carvings of rocks found in the south, and in Twifelfontein, some dating to 26,000 B.C. A long series of different groups, including the San Bushman, Bunto Gualabari, and finally the Hamba, Herrero, and Nama tribes have been home to this invasive land for thousands of years.

But, since Namibia has the aridest and non-maritime coastline in the world, it was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that explorers, ivory hunters, pioneers, and missionaries began traveling inland. ۔ Beyond these visitors, Namibia was largely defending the attention of European powers by the end of the nineteenth century, when Germany was colonized by Germany.

From the colonial period to the colonial period many conflicts and revolts began until it suddenly ended when Germany surrendered to the South African army. In fact, this transition was simply a bargaining experience for others.

In 1966, the Southwest African People’s Organization (SWAPO) soon launched a war of independence for the region called Namibia. The struggle was accelerated and continued until South Africa agreed to abolish its apartheid regime in 1988. After holding the democratic elections in 1989, Namibia became an independent state on March 21, 1990.

To date, Namibia has recorded a proud record of unparalleled peace and stability that everyone enjoys.

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