history of Paraguay

history of Paraguay

history of Paraguay Landlocked Paraguay is in the center of South America, surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. Political unrest, corruption, and chronic economic problems have plagued the country’s fragile democracy since the 35-year dictatorship of the late General Alfredo Stroessner in 1989.

Jw.org en About a quarter of Paraguayans lives below the national poverty line. Most of the land is owned by very few people, and successive governments have been slow to implement land reform.

The economy relies on agriculture and hydropower. Unlike its neighbors, Paraguay does not have a large tourism industry.

history of Paraguay Most of the population is of mixed Spanish and Guarani descent, known as the Maestis, and speak the native language Guarani as well as Spanish.

The Triple Frontier region, where Paraguay meets Argentina and Brazil, has long been associated with drug trafficking and other illegal trade.

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Former Colorado Party Senator Mario Abdu Benitez took office in August 2018.

He successfully won the presidential elections three months ago, promising to maintain low tax policies to encourage foreign investment.

Their victory meant that the right-wing Colorado Party, which had dominated Paraguayan politics for decades, retained its grip on power.

Mr. Bennetz is the son of a close associate of former military commander Alfredo Stroessner, whose criticism he has faced for defending his record.

Private and public media watch the broadcast and media ownership is very focused.

The media works with certain government restrictions. Crime reporting in the area adjacent to Brazil and Argentina can be dangerous.

The 1500s – Prior to the arrival of Spanish settlers, the local Guarani population was the original population.

1811 – Spain declares independence and becomes a republic

1865-70 – Triple Alliance war – Paraguay goes to war with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to dominate the region, but lost two-thirds of its adult male population and most of its territory. Since most of Paraguay’s land was owned by a small elite, the government began selling land to pay off war debt.

1932-35 – After decades of economic stagnation, Paraguay wins various lands from Bolivia in the Chaco War.

1947 – After a brief civil war, the right-wing National Republican-Colorado Party governs Paraguay as a one-party state and dominates politics for the next 60 years.

1954-1989 – Army Chief Alfredo Stroessner seized power in the coup and ruled for 35 years until he was overthrown by General Andreas Rodriguez.

1992 – The new constitution paves the way for free elections. Despite the failed coup attempt and the presidency in 1996, political instability and the party have long been a battle.

1999 – President Raul Cubes resigns after Vice President Louis Maria Organa was assassinated in a bloody street demonstration. The following year, a military coup was foiled.

2008 – Six decades of rule by the right-wing Colorado Party come to an end when former Catholic bishop Fernando Lugo is elected president, but the party comes to power in 2013 with the election of politically new Horacio Cartes. Was back

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