List of country flags

List of country flags

Country Capital city Continent Population Total area GDP Code Calling code Currency Internet TLD Country information Flag

All Country flags with names and capital

List of country flags [2020]


Afghanistan Flag Country information
Country Afghanistan
Capital city Kabul
Continent Asia
Population 38,500,100 (2020)
Total area 19. 8. 1919
GDP 20.82 billion USD (2017)
Code Afghani  (AFN)
Calling code +93
Internet TLD .af
Albania Flag Country information
Country Albania
Capital city Tirana
Continent Europe
Population 2.877 million Jan 2017
Total area 28,748 km2
GDP 13.04 billion USD (2017)
Code AL (ALB)
Calling code +355
Internet TLD .al
Algeria Flag Country information
Country Algeria
Capital city Algiers
Continent Africa
Population 41.32 million (2017)
Total area 2,381,740 km2
GDP 170.4 billion USD (2017)
Code DZ (DZA)
Calling code +213
Currency algerian dinar (DZD)
Internet TLD .dz
Andorra Flag Country information
Country Andorra
Capital city Andorra la Vella
Continent Europe
Population 72,823 people 2020
Total area 468 km2
GDP  €35,975$42,487, 2019
Code AD (AND)
Calling code +376
Currency (EUR)
Internet TLD .ad
Angola Flag Country information
Country Angola
Capital city Luanda
Continent North America
Population 39.78 million (2019)
Total area 1,246,700 km2
GDP 124.2 billion USD (2017)
Code AO (AGO)
Calling code +244
Currency angolan kwanza (AOA)
Internet TLD .ao

Antigua and Barbuda Flag Country information

Country Antigua and Barbuda
Capital city St. John’s
Continent North America
Population 97556 (2020)
Total area 442 km2
GDP 1.532 billion USD(2017)
Code AG (ATG)
Calling code +1 268
Currency east caribbeandollar(XCD)
Internet TLD .ag
Argentina Flag Country information
Country Antigua and Barbuda
Capital city Buenos Aires
Continent south America
Population 44.27 million (2017)
Total area 2,780,400 km2
GDP 637.6 billion USD (2017)
Code AR (ARG)
Calling code +54
Currency argentine peso (ARS)
Internet TLD .ar
Armenia Flag Country information
Country Armenia
Capital city Yerevan
Continent Asia
Population 2.973 million (2018)
Total area 29,800 km2
GDP 11.54 billion USD (2017)
Code AM (ARM)
Calling code +374
Currency armenian dram (AMD)
Internet TLD .am

Australia Flag Country information

Country Australia
Capital city Canberra
Continent Oceania
Population 34.6 million (2019)
Total area 7,741,220 km2
GDP 1.323 trillion USD (2017)
Code 7,
Calling code +61
Currency australian dollar (AUD)
Internet TLD .au
Austria Flag Country information
Country Austria
Capital city Vienna
Continent Europe
Population 8.822 million (2018)
Total area 83,858 km2
GDP 416.6 billion USD (2017)
Code AT (AUT)
Calling code +43
Currency euro (EUR)
Internet TLD .at
Azerbaijan Flag Country information
Country Azerbaijan
Capital city Baku
Continent Asia
Population 9.898 million (2018)
Total area 86,600 km2
GDP 40.75 billion USD (2017)
Code AZ (AZE)
Calling code +994
Currency azerbaijani manat (AZN)
Internet TLD .az


Bahamas Flag And Country information

Country Bahamas
Capital city Nassau
Continent North America
Population 395,361 (2017)
Total area 13,878 km2
GDP 12.16 billion USD (2017)
Code BS (BHS)
Calling code +1 242
Currency bahamian dollar (BSD)
Internet TLD .bs

Bahrain Flag And Country information

Country Bahrain
Capital city Manama
Continent Asia
Population 1.493 million (2017)
Total area 694 km2
GDP 35.31 billion USD (2017)
Code BS (BHS)
Calling code +973
Currency Bahraini dinar
Internet TLD .bh

Bangladesh Flag And Country information

Country Bangladesh
Capital city Dhaka
Continent Asia
Population 164.7 million (2017)
Total area 143,998 km2
GDP 249.7 billion USD (2017)
Code BD (BGD)
Calling code +880
Currency Bangladeshi taka
Internet TLD .bd

Barbados Flag And Country information

Country Barbados
Capital city Bridgetown
Continent North America
Population 285,719 (2017)
Total area 430 km2
GDP 4.797 billion USD (2017)
Code BB (BRB)
Calling code +1 246
Currency Barbadian dollar
Internet TLD .bb

Belarus Flag And Country information

Country Belarus
Capital city Minsk
Continent Europe
Population 9.508 million (2017)
Total area 207,600 km2
GDP 54.44 billion USD (2017)
Code BY (BLR)
Calling code +375
Currency Belarusian ruble
Internet TLD .by

Belgium Flag And Country information

Country Belgium
Capital city Brussels
Continent Europe
Population 11.4 million (2018)
Total area 32,545 km2
GDP 492.7 billion USD (2017)
Code BE (BEL)
Calling code +32
Currency EUR
Internet TLD .be

Belize Flag and Country information

Country Belize
Capital city Belmopan
Continent North America
Population 474,681 (2020)
Total area 22,966 km2
GDP 1.838 billion USD (2017)
Code BZ (BLZ)
Calling code +501
Currency Belize dollar
Internet TLD .bz

Benin Flag and Country information

Country Benin
Capital city Porto-Novo
Continent Africa
Population 13.18 million (2020)
Total area 112,622 km2
GDP 9.274 billion USD (2017)
Code BJ (BEN)
Calling code +229
Currency West African CFA franc
Internet TLD .bj

Bhutan Flag Country information

Country Bhutan
Capital city Thimphu
Continent Asia
Population 807,610 (2017)
Total area 47,000 km2
GDP 2.512 billion USD (2017)
Code BT (BTN)
Calling code +975
Currency bhutanese ngultrum (BTN)
Internet TLD .bt

Bolivia Country Flag and Country information

Country Bolivia
Capital city Sucre
Continent South America
Population 11.05 million (2017)
Total area 1,098,580 km2
GDP 37.51 billion USD (2017)
Code BO (BOL)
Calling code +591
Currency bolivian boliviano (BOB)
Internet TLD .bo
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag Country information
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Capital city Sarajevo
Continent Europe
Population 3.507 million (2017)
Total area 51,197 km2
GDP 18.17 billion USD (2017)
Code BA (BIH)
Calling code +387
Currency (BAM)
Internet TLD .ba
Botswana Flag Country information
Country Botswana
Capital city Gaborone
Continent Africa
Population 2.292 million (2017)
Total area 581,730 km2
GDP 17.41 billion USD (2017
Code BW (BWA)
Calling code +267
Currency botswana pula (BWP)
Internet TLD .bw
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