Mithi Tharparkar

Mithi Tharparkar

Mithi Tharparkar district is located southeast of Sindh. It is believed to be one of the 29 districts of Sindh province of Pakistan More than 90% of people live in more than 200 villages.

Mithi Tharparkar of Thar is known as Fist

 A large area of ​​Tharparkar consists of desert Thar. Third Life is full of adventure for visitors as they explore indigenous cultures, traditions and lifestyles. It’s a little paradise on earth. Visitors can meet and interact with the community and enjoy local hospitality and enjoy unique treasures.

Mithi Tharparkar
Mithi Tharparkar

The town of Mithi Tharparkar is as cute as its name. One of the few places in the Hindu-majority population in Pakistan Fist has always been known as a place that has gained religious tolerance

FISH, Pakistan – There are reports of drought-hit drought in the Thar Desert of southeast Pakistan, where technically there has been no “famine” nor “famine”, yet people suffer from severe food shortages. , Experts and residents

Since March 7, when the story of “famine” first broke in the national press, the government has termed the area “disaster”, during which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made a billion rupees ($ 10 million). Had announced a relief package. A visit to the Tharparkar District Headquarters fist, which is an outbreak of visits by political leaders.

According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), over the past week, Tharparkar has harvested 3,582.3 tonnes of wheat (valued at approximately $ 2.5 million), 201 tonnes of rice, and 1,483.7 tonnes of emergency food packs and other food. Seen the delivery of the ad.

It has seen 58 medical personnel stationed on emergency duty for fists, about 350km east of Karachi, and 5,318 people being treated in emergency medical aid camps The government also promised to invest Rs 30 million (2 302,000) in the town’s health facilities and pay 200,000 ((2000)) for each of the 70 children who died in Mithi Tharparkar district since December Is

Mithi Tharparkar
Mithi Tharparkar

And yet, there is no “drought” in Tharparkar.

Although it has been a mild dry year on average, up to about 30 percent, the Pakistan Meteorological Department says it is not in line with the “drought” standard, rather than a “socio-economic disaster”. The district has not received any. rainfall since November – but, due to the dry season, no special rainfall was expected during that time

Locals say that as a “famine”, food is available. in the district’s markets as much as it has never been during those winter months, though summer-style grain-harvested grain-based shops are common More than ever before General Chat Chat Lounge

47% of newborns in Mithi Tharparkar suffer from severe malnutrition through WFP. The death toll in Tharparkar is 87 per 1000 live births. compared to the national average of 69

Things have increased since reporting [the news situation], but before that there was a lack of nutrition. “Previously, Sindh province [where Mithi Tharparkar is located] has 23% malnutrition This is definitely a high-risk area. This is a deserted area, and there are definitely more food shortages. Due to increased nutrition

Since it was established in September 2013, 91 children have been seen entering the nutritional stability ward of the fishery, doctors say, at a rate of approximately 13 months per month They say that since the drought was reported, that number has increased, but not too much Public outrage about “drought” – Significantly only one child has died of malnutrition in the hospital Most deaths were either caused. by pneumonia or gastrointestinal complaints

“About 25 to 30 children in my village are sick, all of them due to illness (no drought). I don’t know what the disease is,” said Ganga Bibi, 60, of Mijawathar village, fifty kilometers away. Said. From the fist, Al Jazeera found that Ganga’s 18-month-old grandson, Deepa was admitted to the ward

, But was filled with patients complaining of respiratory infections in most of the fist-infected children’s wards
The death toll of children when compared to the year before, suggests that what they see in Tharparkar is not famine just a poverty-stricken society, in which health care and welfare Limited access to As one resident said access to these services is “non-existent only

“There is a lack of nutrition,” says Ramesh Kumar, a resident of Matthew, but for those who earn 3,000 to 4,000 (40 30-40) a month […] they cannot buy food. There is also a water problem. , Well water is getting salty

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