Ocean Mall Karachi

Ocean Mall Karachi

General Information Ocean Mall Karachi has opened a tall, fancier and brand-stop shopping experience. Being the tallest building in Pakistan, Ocean Mall offers its visitors no less than a red carpet!

Ocean Mall Karachi , we know what our buyers want. Beyond Shopping, the mall also offers a variety of restaurants and entertainment options, including live theater. See our directory for a complete list of stores, dining options and more special offers.

Never before like shopping, dining and entertainment, the Indian Ocean is waiting for you!

Ocean Mall, Karachi  shop
Ocean Mall, Karachi shop

What travelers are saying
The food court is also great, you will find sugar, McDonald’s, pizza, shell punk, round gappe, bin kebab, hot Pakistani tea and a very cool cinema.
Ocean Tower is a relatively new new shopping Shop in Karachi. There are two major local brands as well as a large variety of international brand stores.

Ocean Mall, Karachi
Ocean Mall, Karachi

You can find some of Pakistan’s best brands within one of these buildings, including Bounce, Butte Station, Haunted House, and XD Cinema Ride.

It is a tall multi-storeyed building with branded shops. The office and a SunnyPlex, originally known as the Sofital Hotel Karachi on the grounds of the Medical Complex, but later renamed the Ocean Tower, have a distinctive design of a sofa hotel around it. The world, the most expensive building for office and business.

A friend of mine took me to this mall and we went to the food court. “Uncle Ji “‘s food was delicious. Then we had tea which was amazing too. The children then had ice cream and trampoline time and enjoyed it in addition to food.

Then we checked the items and the prices almost doubled. In some cases, Zainab Market and Tariq Road have doubled. Anyway a good place to look for food, kids don’t play so well for shopping. Why would I want to pay double if I can get it for cheap?

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