Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly

First Constituent

Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly

At the time of Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly independence, the Indian Freedom Act came into being in 1947. It had its roots back in 1946 when the All India Muslim League. was elected to the Constituent Assembly. of the United India. to decide its fate. The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of the United. India was held on 19 December 1946, but the Muslim League boycotted it as it demanded a separate, constituent assembly for Pakistan. With the approval of the June 3 project, a separate constituent assembly. was formed for Pakistan.

The first constituent assembly of Pakistan. was inaugurated in August 1947 in Karachi.

Mr JN Mandal was elected temporary chairman. of the Constituent Assembly Pakistan. Then, on August 11, 1947, Jinnah was elected president of the craftsman. Pakistan and Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan. was elected its vice president. The Constituent Assembly of Pakistan served from 1947 to 1954 and consisted of two major parties. The Muslim League represents all Muslims, excluding some and the Congress party represents 12 million Hindus in Pakistan.

Constituent Assembly Pakistan.
Constituent Assembly Pakistan. Constituent Assembly Pakistan.

There were 69 members in the constituency. The number was later increased to 79 to represent. states and refugees. The manner of the elections was based on a separate voter. The Constituent Assembly of Pakistan had a clear majority in the Muslim League,

with a total of 60 out of 79 members. The second largest party was the Pakistan National Congress, which had 11 members. And the third party. was an independent group with 3 members, a numbe.r that later reduced to 1. Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly was unable to function properly because its seats remained vacant. and some members migrated. to India. Members of the Constituent Assembly, of Pakistan. were allowed to take provincial assembly seats simultaneously or they could be chief ministers. or members of the central or provincial cabinet.

 speech Constituent Assembly of Pakistan
speech Constituent Assembly of Pakistan

Under Indian Freedom Law, the Constituent Assembly, of Pakistan was assigned two tasks – to draft a constitution and to act as a federal legislature. Under the Government of India Act, 1935, the functions of the central legislature were, given to the Constituent Assembly. As a constitutional institution, it was completely free. The Constituent Assembly can amend the Pakistan Independence Act with a minority majority and pass laws. Moreover no law could have been made, without. its approval. Every bill that needs, to be signed for drafting must be signed by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.

Although there was no opposition. in the Constituent Assembly, there were groups that criticized, the league. On the left was Iftikhardin, a former Congressman and a Communist. On the right were religious, critics such as Maulana Shabbir. Ahmad Usmani.

The first constituent assembly formed several committees to carry out its functions. The most important of these .was the Committee. The task was to report on the important principles according to the resolution of the objectives throug,h which the Constitution of Pakistan was to be formed. The Fundamentals Committee formed three sub-committees and a special committee called Talat-e-Islamiyah, consisting of scholars who advised on religious matters arising out of objective solutions. The Committee on Fundamentals presented its interim report in September 1950 and the final report in December 1952.

Another important committee. of the Constituent Assembly, was on ‘Fundamental Rights of Citizens of Pakistan’ and ‘Minority Issues’. It divided itself into two parts, one for basic rights issues and the other for minority issues. The interim report of this committee was adopted by the Constituent Assembly in 1950, and the final report in 1954.

The other commi Pakistan’s of the Constituent Assembly were the State Negotiations Committees, which deal with the question of representing the States and the Tribal Areas Communications Committee, to deal with matters related to the tribal areas.

Here is how the progress of Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly can be summarized.

March 12, 1949 – The Constituent Assembly approves the resolution of the constitution and the future constitution. The report was well received. by the citizens of Pakistan.
September 7, 1950 – Interim Report of the Fundamentals Committee submitted to the Constituent Assembly. However, the move was marked as the beginning. of a decline. in the popularity of the. Constitution of Pakistan. This report was criticized. primarily by East Pakistan.

October 6, 1950 – The Constituent Assembly approves the interim report of the Committee on the Fundamental Rights of Citizens of Pakistan on Minorities. This report has received a relatively good response.
December 22, 1952 – Final report of the Fundamentals Committee submitted. This report was also criticized. for its opposition. in Punjab.
October 7, 1953 – The constitutional deadlock is over and the federal legislature establishes the ‘Muhammad Ali Formula’. The report was widely welcomed. and helped the constituency regain popularity.
September 21, 1954 – Revision Report of the Fundamental. Principles Committees was approved by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.

The final outline of the constitution was drawn. up and the Constituent Assembly was nearing completion. But at that time, the Constituent. Assembly, was suspended, by Governor General Ghulam Muhammad on October 24, 1954. It thwarted the efforts of Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly, which had been trying to form a viable constitution for seven years.


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