Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Two thousand years ago, on August 19, 14 CE, Caesar Augustus passed away. He was the first emperor of Rome who won the civil war more than 40 years ago turning the dysfunctional Roman Republic into an empire

The Roman Empire was founded when Augustus Caesar declared himself the first emperor of Rome in 31 BC, and ended with the fall of Constantinople in 1453 CE

An empire is a political system in which a group of people is governed by a single individual, an emperor or empress The Romans Empire Began With the Reign of Emperor Augustus The powers Of The senates Was Limited And Becomes an organ to support the emperor

The period between Augustus and Duclatin is called the High Empire while the Low Kingdom is the period between the end of the Ducalitan and the Roman Empire in the west

The High Kingdom (31 BC – 305 AD)

Between the ages of 14 and 68, the heirs of Augustus inherited it: Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. The impasse was interrupted by the death of King Nero and the beginning of the civil war in 68 AD Three emperors fought for power and eventually the war was won by Vespasian part of the Flavian family

After the Flavian family, Antonius (96 – 3 193) gave the Nirvana, the Trojan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius and Commodus a common name These emperors also had a very similar policy with the Flavian.

Septimius Severus (197 – 235) annexed him to be the first of the Imperial Severn dynasty (197 – 235) to be replaced by Caracalla Macrinus, Eligabalus and Alexander Severus

Roman empire
Roman empire

The absolute power of Rome, the capital of the empire, weakened over time. The only priority of Rome between 235 and 300 was to defend its borders with the constant attacks of the Barbarians and the Sassanians (from Persia) The pressure of these raids forced the army to take power in 235. This era is known as military anarchy and it continued for fifty years The emperors of that time had one purpose: to fight the enemies of the empire and to secure borders.

As a result of these constant wars, it was too expensive to maintain an army, and thus the empire was crippled by debt As a result, the population became poor and many people lost their identity and values Many people doubted their religious beliefs, especially with the arrival of new beliefs from the East.

One way to get rid of the dangers was through the persecution of the growing Christian minority through the Dwighton.

A military coup in 284 saved the kingdom, and Duclatien was proclaimed emperor During his tenure, he impressed the government with a form of government called Tatarsky, which divided power. Diocletian nominated General Maximon to take charge of the western part of the empire, while the emperor ruled the eastern regions Years later, he would appoint two Caesars

Diocletian gave up at 305, revealing that the Tartaric political system did not work without anyone’s guidance.

The Low Kingdom (305 AD – 476 AD)
After the dissolution of Duclatin in 305, a series of disputes continued until 312, when Constantine became the sole king of the West He was to be the last emperor of the United Kingdom It established Christianity as the official religion of the empire.

The capital of the empire has moved to the ancient city of Byzantium, which has been restored. Byzantium November 8, 324, is named Constantinople or the city of Constantinople.

Theodosius, the successor of Constantinople, divided the kingdom between his two sons Arcadius and Honorius which created the West Roman Empire and the East Roman Empire

West Roman Empire comes in 476. In the meantime, the second half, called the Byzantine Empire, survived the fall of Constantinople until 1453, now called Istanbul.

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