ViR The Robot Boy

ViR The Robot Boy

ViR The Robot Boy is an Indian animated children’s adventure television series broadcast on Riot TV It’s about a humanoid robot boy and his adventures. Developed by Maya Digital Studios in collaboration with Cosmos Entertainment Pvt. Singapore-based Limited (Cosmos) VR lives in the fictitious city of Farsat Ganj. It premiered on November 9, 2013, the first episode of the series, “Earth in the Troubles”.

ViR The Robot Boy is a humanoid robot kid

who has human qualities, emotions and human abilities. She is the creator of Dr. Prem Sahai and she lives with them. Dr. Help is a kind elderly man, and he prepared to help others The series is going through a ridiculous escape when he manages to save the day with his close friends – his sharp thinking and a broad array of robotic abilities. ViR the Robot Bay T-shirts


ViR The Robot Boy Vir is a humanoid robot created by Dr Prem Sahai.

It has human-like features and has robotic gadgets. ViR The Robot Boy is often reckless, kind, and intelligent, which always helps someone in need. His friends are his pet-ass, Cholubul, his magical giants, Gento, and his best friend, Emily,

who has been crushed. His real enemy is Crazy Max, a wicked scientist who wants to capture, duplicate, and rule the world with his help. But Ware fails his plans every time, thus saving the world. He has a secret identity that no one knows except his friends and grandfather. He is the hero of Rosso Bay, Farsat Ganj.

tamarind. Amélie is one of Weir’s best friends. She is extremely intelligent, beautiful and always ready to help someone in distress. She is also very protective of the weir and often jumps to free her from the trap of Mad Max. So she’s crushing it. Her biggest disappointment is Bunty and her friend Hickey. Her friends are Klubb, Gento and Ware.
Gento. One of GentoWear’s friends and a magical Jin.

He is a fat boy who likes to eat all the time and often makes mistakes that make no sense. He lacks intelligence and is very slow but still helps his friends. Whenever he hits his head, he loses his memory. Whenever Guntu does stupid things, Vire loses his temper. His friends are Chubb, Ware and Emily.

imli and ViR
imli and ViR

Chulbul .Collular is one of Weir’s friends who is a donkey. He always goes where he goes and gets in trouble with him too. She likes to eat carrots. He often thinks about himself but is always beaten He is always there to help his friends when needed. His friends are Amelie, ViR and Guntou.

Chinto is Ganto’s child hooded girlfriend He only appears in ‘Guntu Meets Chintu’. Despite his failed methods of separating Ganto and Virgo, he cannot separate them.

Principal Head. The principal is the headmaster of the school at Survivor. He is a kind man who always wants the best from his students. Although initially he did not think about Ware, many times Ware started praising him after saving the school, and Ware is the school’s most prominent student thereafter.

Bunti Villa. Bunti Villa is usually the slightest enemy of bullying / bullying. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chada. Due to the wealth of parents, he understands that he is the only one who is more powerful than everyone else. He always threatens other people, but he is also punished by vengeance, which he hates Despite Ware’s attempts to change it, he never does. He tries to win and prove to everyone that he is the best by cheating. He has two friends, Hickey and Pookie. Envious of Vera, he often finds out that Vera is a spy or a robot, but he is never remembered because of Ganto’s magic

Hickey is a follower of Hickey Buntie and is a bully. He has a twin brother, Pookie.
Cooked. Pucci is a follower of Buntie and is a bully. He had a twin brother.
Crazy Max is the opposite of the Crazy Max series. He is a mad scientist who wants to rule the world. He wants to grab a copy and make copies of it, and then finish it. Ware fails his plans every time. Its catchphrase is “Crazy Max is crazy! Very, very crazy!” He has a side kick, or more like a servant named Timbuktu and a cat named Mona. He was also accidentally beaten by a Timbuktu

Timbuktu Timbuktu is Mad Max’s side kick / maid and often helps him finish his plans. He is clumsy and careless, often distracting himself while trying to catch the whip. He also accidentally hit Mad Max. Mona Mona is Mad Max’s cat companion. She’s very proud and often praises Max for saying “Boss, you’re intelligent! Super duper smart!”.

Dr. Prem Sahai / Grandpa Dadaji is a scientist who created the warrior so that he could save the world and these people are Grandpa is a ViR The Robot Boy caring person, and he loves and cares for ViR The Robot Boy Dadaji’s enemy is also crazy Max, and in the episode “Exiled Aliens” it is shown that they knew each other even before they became enemies Vir cares deeply about Grandpa and is very protective of him

Nanaji / Magic Jin is the grandfather of Nana Ji Guntou. He is as big as a genito and loves to eat He first appears in the episode Baby Ganto as Ganto helps to transform himself into a little boy and then turns into a boy. He is a kind man of extraordinary powers
Mr. Chadha. Mr Chadha is Bunti’s father. He is a wealthy man who lives permanently, and is accidentally beaten by (mostly) whores and (sometimes) his friends He is the other person who sometimes finds out that the warrior is a rookie who is his son first He is a kind and sometimes selfish person

Mrs. Chada. Mrs. Chada is Buntie’s mother. She is in short words and a kind lady who looks beautiful and beautiful and is always angry with her son’s funny moves.
Babli. Bubbly Bunty is a self-connected cousin. They only appear in the ‘Buntie and the Babylonian Detective’, where they, along with Buntie, try to find out the truth behind Ware and fail comically.

Mr. Sinha. Mr. Sinha is the caring and kind father of Amli. Not much is said about it nor does it appear in many episodes. Mrs. Sinha. Mrs. Sinha is Amelie’s beautiful and kind mother. Not much is known about it Man nu w Mannuu is a little kid and a friend of Virus. He’s a cute 4-year-old kid who looks up to the beat. He does not appear in many episodes.

Cucumber head. Cucumber is a keen, stubborn teacher at the school of surrogacy. As mentioned, he is very sarcastic and does not like to be disturbed or disturbed. He also dislikes Ware and often tries to prove the boy wrong in front of the principal. However, its efforts are always unsuccessful.

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